Medical Review Officer

Bhupendra K. Gupta, M.D., is Board Certified by the Medical Review Officer Certification Council to provide Medical Review Officer (MRO) services in the State of Florida, and/or throughout the United States.

The MRO acts as a gatekeeper of the information that flows back and forth between the employer, laboratory, and collection site as it relates to substance abuse screenings. The MRO reviews and interprets both negative and positive results. Responsibilities of the MRO include:

  • Receiving drug screen results
  • Reviewing the results
  • Investigating/Inquiring/Interviewing of positives
  • Recording pertinent findings
  • Discussing positive findings with the donor to get an explanation
  • Reanalyzing, retesting, or recollecting of donor specimen
  • Interpreting findings
  • Reporting to employer
  • Recording and keeping information on file
  • Return to work/Fitness for duty decision



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