Independent Medical Examiner
for Work Related Illness/Injury, and Automobile Injury Cases

Bhupendra K. Gupta, M.D., is certified by the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners and is designated a Certified Independent Medical Examiner.

Dr. Gupta is also Board Certified in the area of Occupational Medicine, and with this training and experience he brings a perspective to the Independent Medical Exam that is broad in terms of his ability to assess functional capabilities in the workplace.

An Independent Medical Exam (IME) answers specific medical questions about an injury/illness.

Dr. Gupta is also experienced and qualified to perform IMEs for persons injured in automobile accidents.

An IME will help you learn:

  • about the claimant’s physical abilities
  • about the claimant’s ability to return to the same type of work they were doing before the injury/illness.
  • whether the condition is temporary or permanent
  • whether or not there are any lasting effects.
  • the confirmed diagnosis, and
  • if the claimant needs further treatment

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